SHMS Switzerland

The Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) was established in 1992 and is a leading institution in hotel education, producing top-tier leaders and experts for the hospitality industry worldwide.

The approach of "Learning by Doing" has long been a solid foundation of Switzerland's traditional and hospitable education system. At SHMS, students will be impressed by spacious banquet halls, grand theaters, well-equipped spas, and a range of restaurants with diverse culinary options, providing students with rich customer-oriented experiences right from the beginning. Students will learn about the art of Swiss hotel management and develop the principles of Swiss hospitality, inheriting the traditions of renowned Swiss restaurants and hotels, while also focusing on global trends, business strategies, and leadership operational skills.

  • Type: Private

  • Year of establishment: 1992

  • Number of students: 3,000

  • Ranking: Ranked 3rd among the world's leading institutions for hotel management and hospitality services and ranked 2nd in Switzerland (QS World University Rankings for Hospitality & Leisure Management 2022). Among the top 2 globally for employer reputation and top 4 for academic reputation.

SHMS is situated in two classic, historical, and stunning Swiss hotels. The school has two campuses with students coming from over 80 countries: the Palace Campus in the picturesque Swiss Riviera region, and the Leysin Campus nestled in the heart of the beautiful Swiss Alps mountain range.

Internship is a mandatory part of the courses. Students will have a duration of 6 to 12 months for their internship, with a salary of approximately 2,300 CHF per month (equivalent to about 55 million VND if interning in Switzerland). With extensive partner relationships, SHMS provides students with internship opportunities not only in the world's finest hotels but also in entertainment companies, banks, and large enterprises. Notable examples include Accor, Deutsche, Disneyland, Langham, Marriott, John Paul, MacDonald Aviemore Resort, UBS, MCI, Swiss, and many more.

Concordia-SHMS program

Year-1: Blended (O2O)

*The modules listed below may be a mixture of compulsory and optional. You may not have the opportunity to study all the modules shown as part of the course.

  1. Tourism and Hospitality Business Management

  2. Services Marketing and Customer Service

  3. Accounting and Finance

  4. Academic and Professional Development

  5. Events Management

  6. Development of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

  7. Contemporary Issues in Tourism and Hospitality

  8. Marketing Management

  9. Customer Relations Management

  10. Operation Management

  11. Finance Management

  12. Human Resource Management

Year-2: On Campus: 6 months study + 6 months Internship Worldwide (as requested by students to SHMS)

  1. Contemporary Trends

  2. Digital Marketing

  3. Strategic Management

  4. International Resort and Spa Management

  5. Food & Beverage Development

  6. People and Intercultural Strategies

  7. Portfolio Project


  1. Diploma - Concordia

  2. Higher Diploma - Concordia

  3. Bachelor's degree - UK University

  4. Swiss degree in Hospitality - SHMS School

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