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Concordia International University


Concordia International University launchs the blended learning model to Vietnam from September 2023.

The significant event of Concordia International University has officially taken place in Vietnam, introducing the modern and innovative Blended Learning model. This model combines online and traditional learning, creating a diverse and flexible learning environment for students. With the launch of Concordia Vietnam, the exclusive representative of Concordia International University in Vietnam, students have the opportunity to access top-quality education from high school to master's level.

Concordia Vietnam not only provides educational programs but also accompanies students in counseling and support, ensuring they have the best learning environment. Particularly, the collaboration with prestigious universities in the UK and Switzerland helps train bachelor's and master's degrees with global quality and reputation. Fields like Business Administration, Financial Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Hospitality Management are all included in the training portfolio.

What's especially appealing is that students can access knowledge and experiences from leading universities without having to leave Vietnam. This is an unmissable opportunity for those who wish to build a professional future and stay ahead of global education trends. Concordia Vietnam has been and is shaping the future for students, helping them become lifelong learners with diverse knowledge and sustainable development.