The elite program also promises the ‘guaranteed’ package, in which the tuition is fully refunded when the student does not get accepted into one of the universities they selected from our list.

Education with Canadian Experience

Concordia Ontario Academy provides opportunities that allows its students to engage in real-life interaction regarding their interests, providing them with valuable experience that can bring them a brighter future. Concordia Ontario Academy (COA) provides students with the opportunity to achieve academic and professional success in a globalized society. Utilizing the latest technological advancements and individually developed school programs, Concordia will maximize each student’s unique potential. Students are the essence of our mission and their success is the driving force of our existence.

Concordia Ontario Platform

The best high school programs in one place

Internationally Certified

globally recognized, highly valued, and can be used for all well-established universities’ applications

Available in Online and Offline

O2O centers offer our online curriculums in offline campuses, enriching the study experience through various curricular such as sports, arts, music, and events.

Customize Pathway through Counseling

The customized Create Pathways Modules are the stepping stones in creating the new pathway you want and deserve, utilizing the skills you already possess.